Alternative Treatment

The iris of the eye reveals the health of the physical body, making iridology an effective tool for creating a healing program. This is because it is able to accurately assess the health of the body. In the medical world, this is called diagnosis. Many courses on Iridology instruct the non-medical professionals, the so called “alternative health practitioners”, to “not diagnose”. Ironically, Iridology is maybe the best diagnosis tool known. Essentially, what is meant by the statement that Iridology does not diagnose disease is that the diagnosis of disease is a licenced act which is held controlled for the purposes of maintaining a standard in medicine.

However, many skeptics conclude that there is no value to Iridology as a diagnosis tool, which is simply not true. Actually, this science has been advancing in accuracy and sophistication for over 150 years, mostly by medical doctors, up until the early 1930’s. It was only recently excluded to alternative health care because of the advancement of the sophistications in mainstream medical diagnosis. It seems strange that we, as a human civilization, would invest in expensive, bulky, and technical machinery for diagnosis when most of the insight can come from a cheep magnifying glass and flashlight.

Such is the state of things. Without so many invasive medical machines, Iridology can properly assess the underlying condition so it can be treated with natural means. The eyes convey information about the body as a live presentation. Iridology shows how an illness can be built and therefore reversed. When a major organ degenerates, Iridology can see it happening years, even decades before conventional medical screening (i.e. blood tests do not assess the relative strength of an organ or provide preventative support).

What is perhaps difficult for a medical model to comprehend about Iridology that would make it valuable in the mainstream is the intuitive component. Medicine tends to be cold and scientific, based on evidence from clinical study and therefore produces its cures from trial based medication that is proven with statistics. What this model does not understand is that a human being is not a statistic that can be studied for one size fits all medication. Each person is unique, meaning each person’s illness developed in a unique way and so the treatment must respectfully be catered to their needs. Iridology allows for this intuitive approach, using an individual “case by case” method of diagnosis and cure.