Natural Cure

Herrings law of cure states that all healing happens in the following manner. From the head down. This means, first the mind, then the the body. It also means, first the diseases of the upper body before the lower body. From the inside out. Like how a cut heals, not from the superficial surface of the skin, but from the deep tissues. This also means from the “inner” domain, the emotions and the spiritual heart. In the reverse order that the symptoms progress This well known rule in homeopathy is demonstrates as the doctor works to arrive at a person’s unique constitutional remedy. The reverse order can be demonstrated with the example of suppressive medications having the tendency to drive symptoms deeper into the body and produce secondary degenerative illnesses.

To most of us, Herrings law of cure does not appear in our everyday life. We tend to address our health complaints as they arise. It is only when we embark on the healing path intentionally do we realize that these laws are true.

When we suppress a cold by using decongestants, pain medication, and cough suppressants, we take a symptom away that was needed for our body to process something. That “something”, now becomes buried in the body. This is apparent to an Iridologist when looking at the areas of degeneration. If for example the immune system is producing symptoms or a fever, there is a reason for it. To suppress the symptoms and go about our lives as if we are well does not serve. It is like pretending that you are not out of oil in your car by pulling out the light in the dash board. Now we are not cars, and are significantly more complex, but the analogy is this: Behind the symptom is an energy that drives the expression of the physical healing. When the body produces symptoms, it is because there is an energy causing it to do so. That energy is innate to life. When we stop the energy of life from expressing, it does not actually go away. It continues to express as the suppression of a natural bodily response. Life continues despite the fact that we have efforted to stop the process.

When we go on a healing program, it is typical after a period of time that we experience the healing crisis. When we encourage the body to heal, we are allowing the suppressed symptoms to return to the surface. Essentially, we are reversing the process of suppression in healing. We experience the symptoms, usually for a short period of time, until they leave the body. It is important to be aware that a healing crisis is taking place, and not to go and assume there is something wrong.

One is struck by the reality that old medication comes out decades later with the same signature taste. Many people experience extremely powerful fevers in a cleanse which comes from suppressing a fever long ago. When we take away the defence of the body, it is like removing an armed guard during an attack.