Healing Signs

Iridology can tell if a healing therapy is working. When changes to the iris progress in healing, we know that the path of healing is the right one. Often times we attend a course on miracle cures or alternative therapies. Only the treatment that is worth its weight should be followed.

There is no one treatment that is across the board, one size fits all, streamlined and perfect. Every person has their own preferences for what will work. First we need to find a healing practice that can be followed with a certain amount of discipline. Next we need to take an image of the eye, or have an Iridologist do a complete assessment. This is a snapshot in time, a “before”, for our testing period.

Generally speaking, we can tell if a therapy is working because we feel better. Our therapy, however, could be simply covering up the underlying condition. Also, there are degenerations, apparent in Iridology, that are not felt as pain or illness. An under functioning organ can go unnoticed the entire life until one day, the deficiency, as it was, arrives as a symptom. The symptom can become chronic and be a mystery for many health professionals. Iridology reveals the underlying information to undo the mystery and make plain the facts.

The therapy is working because there are healing signs that appear in the irises. These healing signs are proof that our therapy is working. For example, we could be taking reflexology for our healing and notice some improvement to how we feel. Upon examination of the irises, we notice a healing in a particular organ which is the very same organ being worked on. This kind of sign becomes an affirmation of the possitive effects of the treatment. Hope comes to those who see success in ther efforts.

It is always amazing to know that a health modality works. People spend thousands of dollars on treatments that may actually be doing them no benefit at all. Even non physical treatments like ReiKi and Emotional healing will produce signs in the eye, if it is the right therapy at that time. To actually make degenerative tissue change in healing is quite the experience and quite the sight!